Eli – 3 + 4 Months


Oh hey there sweet Eli!

Yesterday you turned four months old … four whole months! Mama can hardly believe it. And I’ll say it again next month, because every day is long, but every milestone comes so fast. You have found your place in our family oh so perfectly and we can’t imagine our days without you. 

At four months old, we can’t quite tell what color your eyes will be. Some days they are very grey, others a glimmer of blue or maybe hazel. I’ll make my final verdict at six months. Regardless, they’re big and beautiful and always so observant and happy. 

You love tummy time. You laugh like crazy when we tickle you. You nurse about six times throughout the day and another one or two at night. Mama’s milk has done you well … you weigh 20 pounds already! Everyone always comments on what a big, healthy boy you are. This weekend I pulled all of your too tiny clothes from your dresser which means you’re in 6-12 months and 12-18 month outfits now. Usually 12-18 month size because cloth diapers make your booty extra fluffy.

We can tell you want to roll over, but on your side is as close as you’ve gotten. Soon, bubs, very soon, I think. You do love to stretch your legs and pretend to stand. No worries here though, I love this non-moving, just wiggling time. Once you’re on the go, I know things will get busy!

You love to roll your tongue and babble and you hate when a burp gets stuck – don’t we all! I think that’s the only time you’re grumpy. I love wearing you in our ring sling and Tula and it almost always lulls you to sleep. It’s cozy being close! Plus, I love snuffling your little bald head. You have hardly any hair! Most days you wear hats whenever we go out. Beanies are definitely your style and it has been a frigid winter.

I tell everyone that you’re such an easy baby and that has been such a blessing during this crazy season of our lives. Being with you, caring for you, is just pure joy. We all feel it. Even if you weren’t easy, I’d love you immensely, because you, Eli, are the most precious son. The perfect baby for me. 

Big hugs to our “little chubby muffin” :) That’s what Jemma and Max call you, sure you’ll love that when you’re older! Happy four months, cuteness!




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