Max’s 1st Birthday Celebration

August flew by. It just flew. Max’s birthday and then surgery really filled up the days and I never got around to sharing about his birthday celebration! On his actual birthday we spent the morning at the market, then rode the bus around downtown (Jemma’s activity of choice for the day) and then met Pops and Daddy for a pizza dinner.
 At the market Max and I stopped by the same bench from last summer for a little snack

 The birthday boy 

 And the photo bombing sister … and I’m so glad she did because ohmygoodness, look at my babies!

 Birth day anniversary kisses for mama

The bus adventure! We made two full loops on the free route. Talk about a fun, free activity.

My boys
 Our fave dive pizza joint – cornmeal crust with pepperoni, sausage, olive, cashews and onions

On Sunday we gathered with family and a few close friends for Max’s birthday party. I attempted to plan it at a time where he’d be rested and happy, but it totally backfired. And Jemma had a tummy ache so I had two, sweet, but whiny kids hanging on me for most of the party. Classic :) It was a no gift party – you can read more about that here – so we indulged on ice cream sundaes, visited and watched the kiddos play with toys and get much too excited about licks of whipped cream.
I created simple invites in PicMonkey and then uploaded them to send as evites through Pingg. Easy peasy.
 Half off day at Goodwill gave me plenty of pretty sundae dishes for about $15.
 The topping bar!

Chalkboard signs are my fave
 The aunties and their ice cream

 Max opted to spend most of his party snuggling, nursing and wondering why he couldn’t just go upstairs and take nap, mama fail on the party planning front.
Celebrating our sweet Max was such a joy. I mean, just look at this kid? He makes everyone he meets smile and laugh. I can’t wait for the upcoming year. I cherish all our baby memories; I miss them. But I can hold on those treasures moments while still embracing the now and the the fun that is around the corner. It’s going to be a wild year as Max’s personality explodes, he’s already keeping me on my toes so I better switch over to caffeinated beverages if I have any hopes of keeping up!
Of all the mama projects I’ve attempted to keep up on, the annual memory photo is the one I have hopes of actually fulfilling year after year. I’ve already made it two years with Jemma, so that’s a good start :)
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