July Goals: Week 3

It took me a bit to get this posted, because I wanted to include a picture of one of my fabulous crafts. I’m letting it go since my goal was to do these things … not necessarily blog about it in a timely manner :)

Create one new craft from start to finish

I’m proud to report that I have been a crafting maniac lately. Well, a certain sort of thanks goes to my Mom and sister for their help in our sewing weekend, but all the ideas came from yours truly.

A gnome quilt from Jemma’s Aunt Hannie

I finished a handful of projects – a lovie with a vintage hankerchief in the center, a set of cloth wipes, and some burp clothes for a friend. Best of all, I followed this tutorial for wool longies from a garage sale sweater. I entered it in the fair and guess what … I won Best of Class in the Upcycled Clothing category. WOOHOO!

Pre-plan meals for every day I work
  • Homemade Pizza: basil, garlic and mozarella (Jemma loved the little triangle she got to nibble one!)
  • Panko-breaded Tilapia (Costco freezer section) and sweet potato fries
  • Out to Eat: Chipotle
  • BBQ Pork and sweet potato fries (obviously a new favorite)

My sister brought me Hot Spinach Artichoke Dip as a snack when she visited and I snacked on that this week too. It is to die for – seriously, you must make this and have it with French bread or tortilla chips!

Two walks each week as a family

We walked around the neighborhood on Tuesday – it was slow going since Jemma’s 25 pounds were wrapped on me in the K’Tan, but it was beautiful weather and a relaxing way to wind down our evening. We only accomplished one walk this week, better luck next time :)

Finish one book during the month

This isn’t going to happen. It’s just too hard to fit in reading these days and I think I just need to be ok with that. Right now I get home from work a little after 7pm, nurse Jemma, change clothes, fix dinner/inhale it, start bedtime routine at 7:30-7:45. By 8:15 we snuggle up for nursies (cross my fingers that nursing puts her to sleep) and coax Jemma into slumberland by 8:30-8:45 depending on how her afternoon nap went and how much willpower she has left her in busy little body. That leave me with 1-2 hours of mama time. I flip laundry, wash dishes, pack pumping supplies and then decide what I’ll do to wind down for the day. Options are usually – a TV show with Dominic (which includes multi-tasking with Pinterest/blogging), sew upstairs, or take a bath a read. I’ve been opting for the TV/multi-tasking combo lately. Because … hello … nothing is better than PINTEREST after a long day.

But, I did make it through 5 chapters of Anne’s House of Dreams (I’ll finish eventually). I’m 1/2 way through my Marie Claire that arrived in the mail AND I started The Hunger Games last night. I know I’ll finish The Hunger Games before the movie comes out :) But, really, it’s super good so far and I might start slacking on Pinterest to get through this crazy story sooner.

I always wondered why my mom rarely read a novel. Now I know why.

I see so many bloggers/mamas fitting in crafts, meal plans, exercise, and reading on a weekly basis, but I’m struggling with it all. I might have to have a zero-goal August just to recover :) How do you fit it all in? I’d love to hear our weekly scheme for conquering life!

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  1. says

    The Hunger Games are next on my list to read. =)

  2. says

    Just looking at Jemma's fun blanket again and saw your question posed at the bottom: I don't think it is physically possible to fit it ALL in! You decide what is crucial for yourself, and work around that. For me, meal planning on Sunday night (and grocery shopping on Monday morning) make meal time much less stressful the rest of the week. Craft time is down-time for me, just like blogging is for you. Reading, well it happens when I sacrifice sleep. :) And exercise? Just doesn't make the cut with two littles underfoot!