Milestones & Meltdowns

We’ve got some BIG updates …

Jemma is a crawler!
She made her first move on her 8 month birthday eve (yes, we obviously celebrate the little things around here). See for yourself:

Jemma is a signer!
I wasn’t sure it was true when she first did it, but we’re a few weeks in and she is keeping it up. Jemma signs milk whenever she is nursing and it is a super sweet. We for reals communicate and I heart it. She squeezes her fist faster when the milk comes faster too, it’s pretty hilarious.
Jemma is a talker!
My girlie not only talked, she said “mama”. It was actually “mamamamamama”, but I am sure my excitement helped her make the connection that she was saying my name. We’re also hearing lots of “b” and “p” sounds. While I emphasize the importance of mama we’re also practicing “dada” :)
All these accomplishments have led to some meltdowns. Of course, Jemma is still her chipper, easy going self most of the day, but I can tell she is having a hard time with all her new skills. It’s pretty overwhelming for her little body to have all these things pop at the same time. She isn’t falling asleep like her normal self (10 minute snack and out for most of the night), in fact, she is fighting sleep SO MUCH. She is even trying to crawl in her sleep. She’ll be just about out and then she’ll roll over, scoot into a crawl and sit herself up. She stares at me, I fake being asleep, she wobbles and then face plants with exhaustion. We do this for too long – 30 to 40 minutes and then sleep finally wins.Then she is squirming all night, crawling, wanting to snack, head-butting her Daddy. It’s funny and sweet in a really annoying way. Love has also been pretty clingy when I get home from work, but I’m fine with that. I strap her on to me (still loving the Baby K’Tan for a close snuggle carry) and go about the evening.
Did the crawl/sign/talk phase bring about a change in your little ones? Any advice?
Oh, and before I forget … some minor housekeeping details:
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    I'll follow you! I am actually on the "waiting list"…I feel like it's a secret club that I just found out about!

  2. says

    so fun! i loved that age. so much baby left but still showing signs of being bigger.