Banana Berry Breakfast

I’m loving the baby-led weaning Facebook group! It has such fabulous ideas for non-puree food options for little ones. Recently, they posted 100 Baby-Led Weaning Recipes and Jemma tried out Banana Berry Breakfast today. It was a hit!
Banana Berry Breakfast
1 small ripe banana
1 T blueberries
1-2 T baby oats
Mash the banana and blueberries together until well blended
Stir enough of the baby oats into the mixture to create a stiff texture
For the mixture into bite size balls
Roll the banana balls in the oats to make them easy for baby to pick up
Jemma did a great job picking up each ball and smashing it with her gums. By the end of the meal we had a messy, happy girl :)
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