Just like Sesame Street

It feels crazy to say it, but I have a 6 month old.
It feels like I gave birth yesterday.

6 months means alot of things in my mind. I really REALLY wanted to exclusively breastfeed for Jem’s first 6 months and we made it! Girlfriend hasn’t had anything but mama’s milk and since my labor didn’t quite go as expected I’m glad this has. It’s an emotion-filled adventure to nurse a baby (especially when returning to work and juggling pumping and milk storage) and I’m happy to have made it to my first goal. It’s been ten times better than I ever expected.

Our nursing relationship is far from over, but our food journey is just beginning! Every week I plan to introduce a new food to Jemma. Since I’m all in to schedules and such we’re also going to debut a new sign each week as we start practicing sign language.

This week is brought to you by the food …
and the sign for …
I don’t really expect Jemma to start signing yet. I mean, she could. She is my brilliant little brain child. For reals though, I’m just going to start signing it before we nurse and see if repetition does the trick after a few weeks/months. We’ll see …

I’ve heard that for nursing you can sign “mama” and then milk to equal mama’s milk. But, I’m aiming for simple. So, if I’m equated with a cow. So be it. At least we’ll be communicating.

And finally, the avocado adventure …

My mom made adorable little avocado wash clothes and a matching bib

“Mama, what is this stuff?”

“Holy cow, I’ve never tasted anything like this!”

“Tastes good … pretty fun to play with too :)”

“Yeah for avocados!”

“I can’t fit any more in my cheeks!”

My favorite little avocado baby :)
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