The Norm … Naps, Errands and the Cutest Girl in the World

Jemma and I alternate activities throughout the week – lazy day, busy day, lazy day, busy day – that’s the drill. This week was no different.
Monday was the ultimate lazy day. We slept in, got dressed in loungewear and proceeded to do nothing of importance. We received our Chiquita Mom package, more on that next week, and watched a heavy dose of Veronica Mars. Yes, I crashed as a mother and watched TV with my baby. What can I say? We love detective shows. On the note of television … I no longer watch CSI. A show I used to enjoy. Ever since becoming a mom I can’t stand the gore and trauma. All I can think it, “That is someone’s child” and I tear into a bucket of tears followed by a sleepless night. So, goodbye CSI, hello detective shows! Any recommendations on detectives shows to watch after we wrap up Veronica Mars?

Don’t you just hate it when your shirt rides up during play time?
Tuesday was crazy busy. Meaning we ran lots of errands in the pouring rain. We started off with a warm bubble bath, then lunch and a nap.

Mama makes me wear silly hats after my bath. Something about not catching a cold with my wet hair …

Then the errands began … I had a little bit of Christmas shopping to finish and needed to pick-up coffee creamer and stamps. Did you know that Albertson’s is the only grocery store (that I know of) that sells the large size of CoffeeMate’s Italian Sweet Cream? Yep, they are. Did you also hear that stamps are going to cost more after the first of the year … again? Yep, that’s what you get when the government runs a business – long lines, high costs and poor service. Privatized postal service should really be looked into, at least I think so.

Errands in the rain don’t bother me … thanks to my carseat’s handy dandy rain guard :)

Anyways, after our mandatory errands we decided to explore our neighborhood Value Village AND WE SCORED! Jemma snoozed while I perused the girl’s clothes and books. High fashion and good reads were bound to be found.

Check out all my new books! Value Village sells children’s books for $0.69 cents. Better yet, buy 4 get the 5th free. Even better, stack with the 20% off coupon you get when you donate and POW! that’s a deal. We found a big collections of Dr. Seuss, Max Lucado’s Hermie the Caterpillar, a potty book for down the road and many others.
Jemma loves reading :)
Silly mama, making me model one of my new dresses. She said it should fit by Spring and look cute with a little cardigan. I agree!
All my new clothes, ranging from $1.99-$2.99 (before the 20% off) … Children’s Place, Gap and Target stuff!
That evening we made Trader Joe’s orange chicken, one of our top dinners, and I whipped up a batch of my favorite baked potato soup to freeze and share with a dear friend who just had a baby. Soup in the winter has got to be one of the greatest things.
On Wednesday Jemma and I packed up and went to Costco. We had ordered some pictures and I needed to get my glasses straightened. When we got home our Christmas cards were waiting on the front porch … YEAH! I absolutely love them – something about seeing our family photo in print makes me so happy. We are a family of three! Who would have guessed that last year?

Another trip to Costco, really Mama?

Dominic arrived home a bit late from work, but in time to watch Survivor and enjoy these cookies – because that’s what is most important in the middle of the week – good TV accompanied by a yummy dessert. Thank you Tyler Florence! These cookies are super moist and perfect with a cup of milk or coffee. I know, I had two cookies with my coffee this morning. Can you say “breakfast of champions” :)

Miss Love Bug dozed off during Survivor … Dominic and I can’t get enough of her two piece pajamas and how her little tummy peaks out!

Today is a home day, but still busy thanks to my best friends, Mr. and Mrs. Washer & Dryer. Jemma has been sleeping through the night for the most part – sometimes all night (9pm to 6am), sometimes scattered with a snack at 3am or 5am. Last night she was asleep at 8:30pm, so she ate at 2:30am and again at 6:30am. We were up for the day at 8am which sets us up for a nice morning nap right about now. She is snoozing in my arms, I’m typing one-handed and smiling at the clutter that is my downstairs. I could lay her down to sleep, but let’s face it … snuggling my sleeping girl is priceless compared to housework. She deserves all my attention and the dirty dishes, well, they don’t.

After naptime we shall attempt to fold laundry and begin packing for our weekend in Olympia. I think we’ll try to make our folding festive by listening to some holiday tunes …
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  1. says

    all the pics are so adorable!! I wish VB would just doze off like that still ;O) BTW totally jealous of all your deals on clothes!!

  2. says

    I love that you snuggle her instead of cleaning… I always raced of to get the house straight, and now our little one rarely will sleep unless in her bed. Snuggle close and long.