Day #18 – Thirty is Around the Corner

I’m experiencing one of those life conundrums. Time is going so fast, and yet, it is going so slow. Approximately 13 days until our little one arrives!

Tonight at dinner Dominic and I were discussing plans for my 24th birthday. Nothing extravagant since we don’t know when our little one will make there debut, but  a few plans nonetheless (including lots of relaxation and yummy food).

Then it hit me. Six years ago I was 18. Many days I still feel like that 18 year old high school graduate asking, “What do I want to do with my life?” Then it hit me harder. In six more years I’m going to be 30. Oh my word. What is life going to be like then!?!?!

It left me thinking about all the moments that have passed in the last 6 years. Alot has happened in that 18-24 year old range … college, love, marriage, BABY! I’m sure the coming 6 years will bring just as much excitement as we raise our first (and subsequent) children. I can only imagine all of the adventures. And then I spin backwards and wish I was 18 again. Life was seriously easy going to high school, living at home and working my peaceful coffee shop shifts. Nothing like the busyness of today and the busyness that I know a baby will bring. Yikes.

It will only be by God’s grace that I make it to 30 in one piece.

Little one … It is days like today that I wonder if I’m ready to become your mama. It’s a big job! I’m praying God gives me the strength, patience and determination to do everything just right. You deserve the best of everything and your Daddy and I are working so hard to make it all come true. Know that we love you like crazy and are doing our very best each and every day. We are taking our first parenting class at church this coming Sunday, so hopefully we’ll have a jump start on this whole parenting thing once you arrive :)

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    And then you turn 30, and you realize that you still feel like you are 18, but you no longer want to be 18, and realize that life is as sweet as it can be. That's where I'm at anyway :) Enjoy every minute, because you'll never be this young again! **and, if anyone was ever cut out for, and prepared for motherhood, it's you. Hands down. You will be overwhelmed you will struggle, but it's not going to take you down. You've got this 100%!