Day #16 and #17 – Weekends with the Greatest

14 days! That’s only 2 weeks. That’s only 2 weekends. Holy moly … we’ve got a baby coming!

My husband is the greatest … especially on the weekends.

Last night, as I was rattling off our weekend to do list he said, “Wow, my weekends are busier than my work week.” Luckily, he said it with a smile and some hint of excitement, but really, I know he would rather relive his college weekend days; full of sleeping in, unhealthy food and football games. 

Take this morning for example … He snuggled me, rubbed my achy back, made me a delicious breakfast and now we’re getting ready to attack the to do list :)

Dominic is hanging some pictures, organizing things in the garage and cleaning our bathroom. I’m folding laundry and washing cloth diapers. It’s gonna be a fabulous Saturday!

Oh baby … you are gonna love weekends at our house! They are always brimming with excitement, visitors and fun activities. But, of course, it all starts with morning snuggles :) This morning your Daddy practiced where you would fit into our snuggles. There is a perfect spot!!! Now we are just waiting for you to arrive!

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  1. says

    And don't forget when Mimi, Pops and the favorite Aunties come to take over!!!!!!! You and Daddy can have dates alone together:)

  2. says

    Yes! morning snuggles with baby seem like the best idea.You will still have lazy Saturdays just lazy baby ones.

  3. says

    Morning snuggle time is the best…especially with baby!