Shave or Suck In?

Every morning I have a dilemma.

I can either shave my legs and wear a comfy dress/elastic waist skirt or spend my day sucking myself into a pair of tiny-around-the-waist pants. If I ruled the world, I would avoid both options and wear yoga pants. But, alas, I do not rule the world and yoga pants are not considered kosher in my office. Hence the dilemma.

Shaving stinks. Sooner or later I’ll get used to it; being preggers during the summer will do that to a person. Either that or I will give up shaving all together (YIKES). I’m telling you, it is hard to prop up one leg in a standing shower (read – no ledge or anything to assist with balance) when you have a tummy and little to no balancing skills. It could become catastrophic and I’m pretty sure Dom doesn’t want to be woken up by a screaming Gretchen as she tumbles to her demise in the shower. That would make for a rougher than rough morning.

Sucking in … sucks. Pregnant bellies don’t like restrictions. Pre-pregnancy, if I had a little pudge I didn’t mind spending the day sucking in. That is the price you pay when you eat too many cookies. It helps you to think twice before running to the breakroom when donuts arrive. Now, my belly is all out there. And I’m proud. It is supposed to be! There is a 12 ounce, 12 inch little person inside and I don’t want to squash them!

The simple answer to this dilemma is … buy maternity pants. And I will. But, the bargain girl in me is having a hard time making this purchase at regular price when I know they will eventually go on sale. I’ve narrowed down my search to Old Navy’s Real Waist Maternity Pants. I tried a pair on this weekend and they rock. They scream “HIP MAMA” since they don’t have the full panel belly. Now I’m just waiting for a sale or a crazy good coupon. We’ll see how long I can keep up the shaving/sucking in craziness …

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  1. says

    I love my belly band … only trouble is the hourly trips to the bathroom. I feel like I spend lots of time re-adjusting :)

  2. Kelly Marzolf says

    I tried to post a comment, and it said it was from "travis" lol… so here goes attempt #2: Buy a Norelco electric razor- pure amazingness at only $40… marketed for man-chin, works best for girl legs! Then you can just shave in the comfort of any place you like, no falling required for cute dresses!

  3. says

    I'm pretty sure Dom has a Norelco. I don't know why I hadn't thought of this … GENIUS!

  4. says

    I wasn't a huge fan of the "real waist" pants… I felt like they were always rolling down once I'd been wearing them for a couple hours & I was constantly having to pull them back up. I preferred the full-panel, but then again I was pregnant in the winter, so I liked that extra bit of warmth, too. Moral of the story, in case you're planning on buying more than one pair, I'd suggest wearing one pair before you take the tags off the others, in case they irritate you like they did me! :)

  5. says

    Spring for the maternity clothes! You'll be so much more comfortable. I also preferred the big panel when I got to be huge, in the earlier stages, I would just roll in down under my belly, so it worked both ways for me.

  6. says

    Hi Gretchen, I just found your blog off of Dana's and am glad to have made the connection :) I just purchased the Old Navy Maternity Low-Rise Perfect Skinny Khakis online and they should be arriving in the next couple days. I will let you know what the outcome is. I am not needing maternity clothes yet, but the thought is scary. It really is hard to find cute stuff out there, especially pants….tops are easier to get away with…Cheers!

  7. says

    I agree, an electric razor is a true miracle when pregnant.Another option is to get DH to help you shave your legs or better yet; go get them sugared or waxed. It lasts longer and if you go for a Preg safe pedicure at the same time, your legs and feet will appreciate the pampering. They have a lot of work ahead of them.