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  1. Chelsea Dickens says

    Loved it! Although I thankfully have never had a bad experience in public. I nursed Natalie for 11 months and am on 8 months with Caleb. I do nurse where ever I am when they are hungry (I have no shame) & have never heard a rude comment or asked to go somewhere else. But, I may just be blissfully unaware when I'm naturally bonding with my baby. I do my best to cover up (love my Bumble Cover) but sometimes he struggles to get it off to see what's going on around him.

  2. says

    People are idiots if they get worked up about nursing in public. It is actually illegal in California to harass a nursing mom in public by asking her to cover up or leave the public location. Either way these are super cute and helpful

  3. says

    Before you spend any money on a nursing cover…if that is something you are interested in…I have one that was used once. I'll bring it with me in June and you can decide yeh or neh. It's a Bebe au Lait. The design is black eyelet.

  4. says

    Definitely bring the nursing cover, sounds awesome … thanks!