House Husband

Today at work I got this photo text and caption from Dominic …

I’m the best dish-doing, kitchen-cleaning, box-building house husband in all the land.

And let me tell you … IT IS TRUE! He has been doing laundry, cleaning, cooking, looking for a job and new house, completing the “Honey-Do List”, and assembling 21,000 flat U-Haul boxes. ALL WITHOUT ONE OUNCE OF COMPLAINING! I wish I had the “before” picture to show, it was horrific to say the least.
He rocks my world and it’s things like this (on top of how he loves me to pieces) that I know he is going to be the best dad in all the land too :)
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  1. says

    Gretchen-You entered my blog giveaway contest and…this has nothing at all to do with your husband and the cleaning and the U-haul boxes, but I was so excited when I read your post below about Adele and the tag was Andaluz because… Adele was my midwife with my last baby and I love her so much… and it all seemed so exciting that I needed to let you know and say "hi". Also, I have three babies born in October (one on Halloween), so that seemed exciting too. Hmmm. Maybe I need to rethink my idea of exciting. Good luck with your wee one.

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