Flip-o-rama: More on the Flip Diaper System

I’m enamored with my diaper selection and can’t wait to stock the nursery with an abundance of them. When I close my eyes I see an adorable changing table with baskets of diapers underneath in bright, bold colors and for a brief moment I wish I had a very stinky baby who needed changing :) On any day, the baby part is a plus, the stinky part … I’m not so sure about yet. But, with the Flip I’m at least looking forward to the first few times.

These are some of the features that made me flip for the Flip …

  • One-size, but still adjustable – this saves money when comparing to other options.
  • Snaps instead of velcro – I’ve heard the velcro can wear out in the wash and when toddlers start to explore their diapers they can easily un-velcro their diapers … and that is not something I want to find in the middle of the night.
  • Cover and inserts are separate – although an all-in-one might be more convenient I like the idea of being able to mix and match inserts and covers. This will save on laundry too (not ever cover needs to be washed every time)!
  • Cover perks – great colors and waterproof!
  • Insert options – Flip has stay-dry suedecloth, organic, and disposable … you can also insert the basic pre-folds.
  • Prevents leaks – I’m not ignorant … I know there will be leaks/blow-outs in all types of diapers, but the flip has awesome waist elastic around the back and thighs to at least help prevent them.
  • Simple laundry – toss cover and inserts into a hot wash, line dry the cover (or place on top of the dryer), and tumble dry inserts
  • Cost – from my research and conversations with the gal at Simple Cloth it looks like we’ll be investing about $500-$600 to cloth diaper our little one from birth to potty training. Many of the covers and inserts will be able to roll over to baby #2 as well. On average, single-use disposable diapers cost $1,600-$2,600 per child. So, obviously it is a large upfront cost, but over time it will definitely pay off.

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  1. says

    Why did you decide to go with Flip instead of Fuzzy Buns? I was looking at Fuzzy Buns and hadn't heard of Flip.Jennifer

  2. says

    We use the flip system with my daughter and we LOVE it!

  3. says

    I love the Flip's and think they are totally awesome! I did wait until Harper was 7m old though, so no really messy poops but they are great!

  4. says

    you're going to love cloth diapering! it's so strangely rewarding or something. i didn't do it with gus until after she was probably almost a year, but i was excited to do it earlier this time around. one thing though- and this has been repeated by every mama in all the birth classes i took- the first week is rough with the meconium and the crazy amounts of pee and poop and blowouts over the next couple of weeks, well, we all did disposables for the first little bit. just until you feel like you have a handle on the crazy amount of laundry you'll be doing and such. but again, i think you'll love it :)

  5. says

    oh and i can attest to quality cloth diapers lasting through multiple kids!