Choosing Peace

When it rains, it pours … this is what I am choosing to focus on today:
  • The sweet birds chirping out my bedroom window. I imagine they are chickadees … (Grammy’s favorite birds) stopping by to tell me everything will be ok.
  • Hot, decaf coffee – don’t forget the peppermint mocha creamer (it’s available year round now at Fred Meyer!)
  • Netflix. Dom says that even if we have to cancel cable down the road he won’t take away Netflix … WOOHOO. Now that’s stability :)
  • My amazing husband who watches chick flicks, eats my cravings, and snuggles me whenever needed. He might not have a job presently, but he is doing a hell of a job fulfilling the role as my husband! P.S. He does laundry too, aren’t you jealous?
  • The wee one growing inside of me; it’s such a blessing to be a mama-to-be!

See, life isn’t that bad.

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