Breaking the News to the RoBo Clan

RoBo = Robertson and Bossio. It is our creative nickname so we don’t have to list off each individual person :)

Over the last few years I have supported Dominic, MarlonDad and Anton in a number of sporting events/championships/other monumental sport things. Miss America is the equivalent to me so I invited MarlonDad and JanMom over for dinner and Miss America 2010 on January 30th. When they arrived we announced the news, showed them the evidence, and documented the beginning of grandbaby #2 (grandbaby #1, Karrington, lives in Texas with Anton & Tasha) …


Then we ordered Dominos (I was a bit too frazzled to piece together a meal), skyped with Anton & Tasha, and watched Miss America.
Sunday morning Dominic and I woke up early … 4 am to be exact. We decided since the Robertsons were only an hour and a half away we should tell them our big news in person. The early morning was because Hannie was leaving for a ski trip at 7 am and we didn’t want to leave her out. We didn’t tell them we were driving to Olympia; we are crafty like that. When we pulled up to the house it was pitch black … we woke Katie up first because she is the happiest in the morning. Then Hannah, because she takes a good 15-30 minutes before she is able to speak. Dad was already stirring and Mom popped up as soon as she heard our voices. We gathering in the kitchen and I yelled “WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!!” Dad was flopped over the kitchen island in a morning daze and asked, “What did you say?” Yep, he thought he heard wrong … poor guy!
Later in the day we called other family and close friends … Mike & M’Lissa (and nephew Bishop) in California and Devin & Mallory in Idaho.
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