Week 10: “Sage Advice”

Woohoo! Tomorrow is the beginning of week 10! Dominic and I have decided to move forward with Andaluz Waterbirth Center. He is coordinating with then to finalize our payment plan and then we’ll be able to schedule our first official appointment. I can hardly wait! When we went in for our meet and greet in […]

Week 9: “The Enchanted Forest”

Hi Family … I’m back with another report :) I’m having a hard time gauging how sick I actually feel. On one hand you hear about people who non-stop throw up for the first trimester; on the other hand there are those who don’t get sick at all. I’m somewhere in the middle and depending […]

Week 8: “Join Me For the ‘Bumpy’ Ride”

We are coming up on 8 weeks (on Thursday). That’s 2 months … approximately 20% (if we are assuming this baby will bake for 40 weeks). Since I don’t see you all on a daily/weekly basis I figured I should start journaling all that is going on so I’m not pregnant by myself … lol! […]

“It’s For Sure!”

Monday morning I had an appointment with my doctor … you know, to make sure the pregnancy test didn’t lie. It didn’t. She was able to connect with an OB/GYN who works out of the same office so I could chat with someone. I rattled off a handful of questions and took her card. She […]

Breaking the News to the RoBo Clan

RoBo = Robertson and Bossio. It is our creative nickname so we don’t have to list off each individual person :) Over the last few years I have supported Dominic, MarlonDad and Anton in a number of sporting events/championships/other monumental sport things. Miss America is the equivalent to me so I invited MarlonDad and JanMom […]

The beginning …

This story begins on Saturday, January 30th (the same day Miss America 2010 aired if you were curious). Unfortunately the rest of the story is panning out to be very un-Miss America … it lacks glamour. The good news is, this story is bursting with fun surprises and the best prize of all. That’s right […]