Just Between Friends Consigning Toolbox

Consignment sale season is upon us! Have you started prepping? As you begin to sort through winter clothes, the spring/summer boxes and the overflow of toys leftover from the holiday season begin thinking about tagging items for your local consignment sale! Over at olymama I’m sharing everything you’ll need in your consigning toolbox to make […]

Merry + Bright

Instead of snuggling into bed on Saturday night we bundled up the kids and made our way to Wild Waves Holiday with Lights! Jemma was beside herself as we drove to “the surprise” and as soon as we passed Wild Waves on the freeway she started shouting about the bright colors and giant snowman! Yes, […]

Local Ladies! LMNOP Kids Consignment Sale GIVEAWAY!

Remember when I shared about the upcoming LMNOP sale? Yep … I’m still excited about it! Even more, you’ve got a great reason to be excited too … One lucky lady (or daddy looking for a deal!) will win a $20 credit to shop at the sale ANNNNNND 2 early shopping passes! That means you’ll […]

Just Between Friends | It’s Not Just For Mamas

If you’re reading this you’re probably a mama like me. You’re always on the hunt for a good deal. You’re thrifty. You’re thinking ahead to winter clothes and how fast your kid’s feet will grow. Most of all, you know about Just Between Friends. It’s just around the corner! But, what you don’t know is […]

LMNOP Kid’s Consignment Sale

This evening I sat down and began to think through my Fall. I emailed a “calendar of events” to my mom and Dominic so we’d all be on the same page about the craziness that’s coming up. Because it’s busy ya’ll. I’m gonna have to take it one day at a time, that’s for sure. […]