Homeschool Room Reveal + A GIVEAWAY

Would you look at this? The school room reveal I’ve been alluding too! Ever since we decided to begin homeschool preschool in January I’ve been eager to have a designated place for our craft and workbook time. We flip flopped our former upstairs office and downstairs play room and now, the traditional bonus/media room is […]

Homeschool | Ocean Life Unit Study

We’ve officially completed our first homeschool unit. It was a blast! Jemma tells everyone “I go to homeschool and at homeschool we learned about SEALS! And next, we’re learning about LOVE!” She is eager to learn and that makes things really easy on me. I wanted to recap what we did over the last few […]

Montessori At Home | Careful Cutting

How young is too young for cutting in the kitchen? I’m sure it is different for each child, but at 3 1/3 years old, I’ve found that Jemma is more than ready for simple cutting tasks. Not only did this project give her practice in knife safety, it has allowed her to tune some fine […]

Sometimes It’s Ok To Quit

If you follow me on Pinterest or Instagram you’ve probably seen some hints of our homeschooling kick off. But wait, doesn’t Jemma attend preschool? Is Gretchen in some super school mode juggling both preschool and homeschool in the New Year? Nope. Jemma quit preschool. Let me explain … At first I felt somewhat guilty about […]

Montessori at Home | Pouring Water

Today I’m over at Living on Love sharing a pretty fun little activity … Ready for it? Today, I’m talkin’ about pouring water. A simple activity with a laundry list of lessons to be learned! I’m no Montessori expert and haven’t purchased anything specifically Montessori except for this book which I actually thrifted for $2! […]

Little Letter Lover

In early December I was sitting at a stop sign and I heard Jemma whispering to herself. I tipped my head and listened closer and this is what I heard … “T-E-X-A-C-O”.  My baby was reciting her letters! During our errands that day I pointed out random signs with capital letters and she knew them […]