Homeschool Winter Writing Prompts

Two or three days a week Jemma and Max write a paragraph based on a writing prompt I give them. Some weeks I’m very organized and have prompts all ready to go … and some, well, some days I grab an idea out of thin air.

I’m prepping tonight though and thought, hey, I’m going to share this list of ideas for other mamas who might be running low on ideas this time of year.

Ready, set, write …

  1. Share about your favorite snow experience using your five senses
  2. When you think of Martin Luther King Jr. what character traits do you think of
  3. What is your favorite cold treat and why?
  4. Who is your favorite President and why?
  5. Would you rather skydive or scuba dive?
  6. What three skills do you want to learn before your next birthday?
  7. One day I got lost in a library …
  8. When I think of winter, these are the things I love most
  9. When I think of winter, these are the things I don’t like
  10. Yesterday I accomplished these three things
  11. Never have I ever …
  12. The word cozy makes me think of …
  13. Who do you consider one of your historical role model?
  14. What is your favorite collection and why?
  15. If I had $100 I would buy …
  16. Let me tell you about the best way to celebrate Valentine’s Day
  17. Share about your dream cold weather vacation
  18. Three things I love about my state
  19. The best cold weather animal is …
  20. Share about your most meaningful Christmas moment

Now, if either of them have a good idea of their own that will almost always trump my contribution. We will always write better and more when it’s something that inspires us so I never want to quell that. But, sometimes a prompt is helpful. Plus, I always love being able to read more about what they think on a certain subject.

I taught both Jem and Max how to write with the Four Square Writing Method. It is simple and wonderful and I’m so grateful to the mama who shared this process with me years ago. Jem and Max both write in an organized fashion thanks to this method and with this format Jemma has been able to build her writing into full essays. Soon, Max will follow suite. For now, his paragraphs are one of my most favorite things. So many exclamation points!!! :)

This curriculum begins in first grade so you truly can’t start too early.

Four Square Writing Method, Grades 1-3

Four Square Writing Method, Grades 4-9

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