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School is in full swing. Dominic’s hunting season is underway. I’m rockin’ and rollin’ in my second trimester – the only one where I have any energy – and my favorite season of the year is here! I mean, not technically, but pretty much because #pumpkinspice has arrived.

So, as rough as this year has been, my favorite season of the year plus my favorite season of pregnancy hopefully means some good has arrived and arrived to stay.

Soon I need to compile a specific list of pregnancy favorites (with 4.5 pregnancies under my belt I have things to say!), but until then, I’m sure you’ll love this quick round up. These favorites are for all mamas out there!

ONE — My body is definitely expanding to accommodate this sweet baby and thanks to AU-Rate I have a new, simple rose gold ring in a half size bigger than my norm. It fits perfectly … and will hopefully fit for the duration of this pregnancy!

TWO — I’m pretty sure I’ve shared my laminator before, but it is truly amazing!

THREE — These canvas storage totes hold all the kids dress up clothes in our play room. I love that they’re lightweight, unbreakable, and can totally be repurposed once we’re out of the dress up phase.

FOUR — Snagged these kid headphones for Reid and Eli now begging for a pair. They’re fantastic for quiet audiobook time.

FIVE — And, my early birthday present! I’m planning a whole review but just have to share that this Dyson hairdyer dupe is totally worth the $40.

BONUS — Nugget will be announcing a restock soon! Girl, get on this. I’m guessing this restock will ship in time for Christmas and I promise you will not regret adding one of these to your play room/living room/kid’s room.

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  1. Allyanna says

    I loved your favorites! I especially liked the gold ring and the headphones because I love listening to audiobooks. Thanks for the inspo!