2019 Goals Recap

I never shared my 2019 goals, not in blog post format at least.

I think I was too hesitant. If I shared them and didn’t complete them, I’d have to confess! But, things went surprisingly well. I purposefully made just a few, realistic goals that required daily, or at least consistent, focus. For me, this was key. There was a schedule. There was a checklist. This year I’m doing the same – and I WILL share those goals soon, but first, a 2019 recap!

In late 2018 (because really, it’s best plan your goals BEFORE the new year kicks off if you intend to begin January 1st) I decided to do the following between January and December 2019:

Read the whole Bible

I’ve never read through the whole Bible despite being a Christian for a very long time! 2019 was my year! I followed this plan and fell in love with this my daily practice of being in the Word. I paired it with Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling and in the fall participated in Priscilla Shirer’s The Armor of God study too.

Run 365 miles and PR a 5K

365 was an easy number to pick. All I had to do was average one mile a day. In reality this looked like 10 runs a month or so. And, since I trained for my first half marathon in June, I actually exceeded this goal with a total of 417.83 miles run as my training required some mega miles leading up to the race.

After my half I focused on speed over distance in my runs and registered for a race route I ran in 2018. I beat my time by a little over a minute! I honestly don’t know if I can get faster, so as much as I’d like to try for a PR again on this route … I’m not sure that is possible without a running expert training me!

Develop a new income stream

To contribute to our family’s finances I blog and freelance write for a number of other websites. This combo has been such a blessing to our family over the years, but for awhile now I’ve been feeling antsy.

I decided to put some energy towards my Instagram shop – That Mama’s Closet – and it has proved to be a different kind of “work” that has helped me balance income sources and interests better. Plus, it’s so fun curating things I think fellow mamas will love!

And that’s a wrap on 2019!

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