Happy Birthday, Eli!

Today’s post is written in collaboration with Kronolo-G.

My not so little Eli turned two on the 15th! TWO!

How the days turn into months turn into years I’ll just never fully grasp. Wasn’t he born just yesterday?!? Every day is an adventure with this sweet guy, some more tantrum-filled if I’m being honest, but loads of fun just the same. Eli is learning words, climbing high (such a little daredevil!), and learning so much alongside his brothers and sister. It’s truly a miracle to witness.

We gathered with family to celebrate over the weekend – a joint birthday between Eli and my sister who turned 30 this year. Eli was actually due on her birthday and we were all rooting for birthday buddies two Septembers ago, but Eli had other plans … a whole extra week in mama’s tummy! Still, their birthdays are close enough that Aunt Kiki now shares :) Thanks, Kiki for livin’ up the Mickey themed party for your 30th!

With cupcakes, balloons, and presents, Eli fully enjoyed his celebration! Every gift was met with, “Whoa! Cool!” … he especially loved the fluffy tissue paper that filled each bag! Isn’t it just the best how two year olds see the world? Everything is so special!

I’m usually the one who snaps photos of our family gatherings and then afterwards my mom and sisters all text asking that I send them the photos so they can relive the special memories. Usually I take too many to text though! But now, thanks to Kronolo-G, a new free app, I can easily upload photos and share our favorite milestones with family near and far.

Kronolo-G doesn’t only support photos though … you can also add videos, PDF files, and links. This app is perfect for graduations, baptisms, awards ceremonies, and more! Pretty much Kronolo-G is a wonderful way to share life stories … and did I mention that it’s free?!? Gotta love free!

To start logging your family’s milestones, download the app, create a simple profile, and begin uploading. Vacations, of course, birthdays, holidays, and first days at school/work/extracurriculars … all those special moments can be chronologically stored on Kronolo-G. There is a website interface for easy uploads and sharing too. We have some dear friends and family not on social media so this is a wonderful way for me to include them in our family’s important milestones.

Once your profile has a few milestones ready to view, tell your family and friends about Kronolo-G so they can join your community! I just added photos from our trip to Glacier National Park and next month I’ll have Jemma’s birthday photos to share too.

Kronolo-G is really straight forward and user-friendly. Culling and organizing photos better is one of my ongoing goals. This app will definitely help me stay up on my memory keeping game!

I mean, how could I not want to remember this two-year-old attitude forever?

“Mooooom, really with all these pictures? I just want another cupcake!”

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