Mother’s Day Wish Granted

Mother's Day Collage

I told these sweet little goons that my greatest wish for Mother’s Day was to have them give me real smiles in a photo of just them and I. And they did just that!!!

I love how their personalities shine through. Jemma with her endless joy, Max’s surprise silliness, followed by Reid mimicking his own goof, and Eli with his new, signature “cheese”. Golly, I LOVE these little people of mine. Corny as it sounds, every day feels like Mother’s Day when I get to spend it with them. They light up my life and fill me to the brim … with laundry, with clutter, with laughter and tears, and, with the greatest, most amazing love.

Group photos are such a goose chase … no one ever looks or smiles or stands still at the same moment. I’m going to aim for more one on one pictures here on out. So much of what we do, we do all together. It’s me and them. A big loud group of fun. But, when they’re grown, I want them to have memories of just their mama and them. Mama and Jem. Mama and Max. Mama and Reid. Mama and Eli. Cultivating these individual relationships is so hard, the good kind of hard. These photos are just the start, a simple mark in time that hopefully says, “You are of the utmost importance to me”.

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