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Summer is here! 

I mean, not technically, but for our family because the school year wrapped up this week. We’re loving the sunshine, the longer days, popsicles, park visits, and sleeping in.

Jokes. No one is sleeping in here. We have been napping well lately though. Slower days with less to dos allow that. And it’s lovely. 

Tonight I’m typing up Jemma’s homeschool portfolio to file away and in a few weeks we’re meeting with the new parent partnership program our school district offers to outline both Jemma and Max’s curriculum plan for the new school year. Even though it’s summer right now, next year is definitely on my mind. 

I’ve also got the few these mulling around ready to share … here’s a fresh round up of this + that!

I made these and they are PHENOMENAL.

How to draw a unicorn <—- Jem is in love!

I won a giveaway from Lindseyland! Chose this beauty :)

Let’s talk about Opalhouse. O. M. G.

My big kids have read/listened to this entire series and love it.

I am the one woman who has it all.

Sweet and simple. Love this small biz.

Calm over chaos. Word.

We were honored to review the Veer Cruiser. It’s beyond amazing!

Who’s going to the zoo soon? Fits TTS, Jem is a 7/8.

Always love a good reading list!

Max and Reid will be matching in these tees soon! Just ordered!

Ok, last thing, and totally random! I desperately want these Mickey shorts. They’re sold out in stores and I can’t find my size secondhand. Help me watch? I’m probably a 10 or 12, but will make a 14 work with a belt!

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