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First, my squishy baby! Eek! Plusalso, these bamboo blankets are worth every dime. 

I had the absolute greatest intentions to stay up on my writing after Reid was born. I was recovering well and Reid is on the perfect rotation of eat, sleep, poop — he nurses like a champ, snoozes well for naps and even at night, and, thanks to his chiropractic adjustments, he toots and more with ease! Truly, I think I have a perfect baby! My creativity has been flowing and as I nurse in the wee hours I’ve been jotting down all my ideas. I keep reminding myself to go slow and take things uber easy during this 4th trimester, but a lot of me is ready to just get up and be back into the full swing of things.

I hit 2 weeks postpartum and found myself on my first solo day with all 3 kids. Rather than stay home, we decided to venture to the library and make a stop for smoothies. Just a quick, little morning outing to break up home life and avoid cabin fever for us all. Look at me! So brave! Three on one and off we go! It took us 2 hours to get ready and actually make it out the door, but we did it! I pulled onto the freeway and drove maybe 1 mile. Then, BOOM! I was rear ended! And not just a little rear end … we spun, the back window blew out, and we ended up facing the wrong direction ON. THE. FREEWAY. Thankfully, everyone behind me saw what happened, slowed, and quickly came to our aid. Jem was so scared having had the window near here disappear, Max had a billion questions, and my poor newborn … just, ohmygoodness, my baby was just 2 weeks old and in a car accident :(

All worked out though. We had amazing help arrive. I’m sore, but the kids car seats kept them mega safe. THANK GOD! Although not ideal, I guess this was just the reminder I needed to slow down. So, rather than bust through my to do list, I’ve been resting. Catching a cold (so lame). And, of course, tagging some favorite posts to share with you all :) Here they are …

How we spend our days …

Brainstorming how to enforce THIS

A company that gets what moms need!

Is it time to change the Miss America tradition? YES!

Have you tried pineapple water?

Speaking of vitamins

We all know I love my slow cooker and this chicken will be on the menu soon!

Some of these apps are just grand!

Are you 1 of the 3 women who deal with this?

You’re going to find stuff to pin here!


Just ordered Reid’s birth announcement from this darling shop … he’ll match Jem and Max now!

And because I’m a late night shopper, these :) She takes custom requests so if you see something you love that is sold, just send her a message!

Thriving as a mom, yes!

DIY hair mask – easy and totally what I need!

Aw, birth stories are just the best.

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