The Smarter Swaddle

Over and over again you’ll hear me say that none of my children are alike. I honestly have no idea how the same two parents can birth such different people. With each one, I feel like I’m learning to mother all over again. For example, sleep …

Jemma’s bedtime routine lasted a few hours. We worked hard for every wink of sleep that girl got!

Max slept on or touching one of us for the first three years of his life. Buddy did not want to feel alone. Now, at 5 years old, he sleeps a solid 10 hours a night in his own bed and falls asleep in under 5 minutes without fail. So all those snuggles definitely paid off.

Reid loves his crib. We didn’t know children could until him.

And Eli, he loves to be swaddled snug as a bug in a rug!


In the beginning we have swaddled all our babies, but none have taken to it like Eli has. This bubs sleeps long and hard once he is wrapped just so.

Dominic can swaddle with practically anything. It’s one of his dad skills. I, on the other hand, am a sloppy swaddles. That’s why I love the simplicity and ease of The Ollie Swaddle, the smarter swaddle.



In no time at all, whether it be for nap or night, I can wrap Eli into the perfect swaddle thanks to the Ollie. Just position with shoulders along the built in curve at the top of the Ollie, fold over the left arm, tuck in the right, and then secure with the sturdy hook and loop closure. The bottom has an elastic loop to close things off (and allow access for easily diaper changes!). Done and done!

With soft, stretchy fabric, it’s no wonder Eli relishes his time swaddled on the Ollie. Truly, this thing is a gift to us all! Eli sleeps safe and comfortably and I catch longer stretches of rest too.

Hop over to The Ollie World to check out all the tranquil color options and choose your own smarter swaddle at 10% off. 


Thank you The Ollie World for sending our sweet Eli one of your amazing swaddles. We’re in love!


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