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Whenever I post mama style photos I get the sweetest comments.

And it makes me feel happy, of course. Who doesn’t like to hear that they’re pretty and pulled together and portraying pregnancy with grace?!?

But are fancy, styled photos my everyday? No, not quite. Like, once every 10 days or so I get really ready — hair, make-up, and an outfit that makes me feel pulled together. Most days though, I’m in a mash up of cozy and athletic maternity clothes with no make-up and a cliche mom bun. That’s who I really am. 

It’s functional for life at home with 3 kids. And functioning is my main goal. 


Here’s the real question though, does cozy equate to sloppy pajamas? Nope! I mean, it can. I love myself a pair of jammies, but for my everyday I opt for cozy, comfort with a pop of chic. 

And that’s exactly what Pink Blush offers pregnant mamas.



At Pink Blush you can find the perfect dress for your baby shower. Or a summer wedding. Or your due date date night (because yes, you need to plan a date on your due date because it’s super unlikely that you’ll actually be in labor then!). 

You can also find the perfect everyday wear. Hallelujah!

I’m absolutely smitten with my Blue Rose Long Sleeve Maternity Sweater. It’s ultra soft, lightweight, and it has pockets! I’ll be wearing this until baby is born … and after too! Same with the Black Cutout Cropped Active Maternity Leggings. They’re comfy and Dominic said that for being cropped (he’s usually not a fan) that they hit at just the right spot and the “zig zag detail makes them nice”. I agree! For reference, I’m 5’7″ and just clocked in at 163 pounds. I’m wearing a large in both pieces in hopes of them fitting now and as I make my way towards 40 weeks.

pink blush


Want to shop Pink Blush Women’s, Women’s Plus, Maternity, or Maternity Plus? Use code PINKBLUSHMOMS for 20% off through May 31, 2017.

I’ve joined Pink Blush as an ambassador because I truly love their clothes and can’t wait to share more pregnancy style with you — the fancy options and the everyday stuff too! Thank you for sponsoring these  two pieces, Pink Blush, you’re the best!

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