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Last week we had snow. The first snow Jemma and Max really remember! It took almost a half hour to get them bundled up and within 10 minutes or so Max was telling me it was too cold. That boy! Mimi swooped in and distracted him with plans to make a trio of little snowmen while Reid and I ate breakfast and watched from the window. More snow is projected soon – we’ll see if it sticks enough for more snow creations!

Today is Max’s preschool Christmas program (oh the fun!) and Jemma and I are celebrating the end to our first homeschool term (how can it be?). So, with snow on the horizon and school wrapped up, Christmas festivities can officially begin!

Here are a few holiday and just for fun links to browse while you settle into the peace (or frenzy) of the season … enjoy!

The Williams-Sonoma Hater’s Guide, hilariously inappropriate!

Have you ever made rouladen? I did for the first time this weekend!

The prettiest neutrals.

Elizabeth’s boots!

This family’s adoption story is absolutely beautiful.

I think this is my dream bed.

Adore this nursery nook.

Talk about a Netflix obsession, I’ve been up waaaaay to late.

Perfect stocking stuffer.

Max is my little Storm Trooper :)

I caught this palette on major sale and it’s everything I hoped it would be.

I’ve unofficially added 2 new categories to the want/need/wear/read gifting theme – do (for activities and experiences) and give (as a way to donate to a worthwhile cause on behalf of the recipient).

Ah! A new print in our favorite blanket!

Our favorite Disney souvenir based on our experience at the Animation Academy.

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  1. says

    Love the Animation Academy at Disney!! So fun for everyone! lol

    Also thanks for the boot love ;)

  2. janie vezina says

    they look very happy in the photo.

  3. Caitie Hurley says

    Look at those little snowmen! Love it!

  4. Lauryn R says

    I have a Netflix addiction too! :) Thank you so much for sharing these, how fun! I love your little snowmen btw, I wish we got snow here!