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You guys, I’m on a roll with my writing these days, not so much with my running. But, let’s ignore that fact and focus on these Nike FlyKnits? Darling, right? And I can vouch for their comfort. The best ever!

I’m on a total closet declutter — shop that jazz here and if you mention that you’re a blog reader you can take $2 off any item you claim. I figure I can shop again when my postpartum bod sorts itself out. Problem is, post-Reid my feet seem to have jumped a 1/2 side. Ah! So, I splurged on these at the outlet for my belated Mother’s Day gift to myself. Because even on the roughest days motherhood, I’m an okay mom, and okay moms need cute and comfy shoes to do their mom thang in.

Now, on to bigger, better, and more interesting things. Like …

Yes, I Own a Gun: 11 Moms Share Why They Carry

So, remember last month’s post about me buying a gun when I was 9 months preggo? This here is the follow up from my gun-toting mama tribe. Love these ladies and their commitment to train and protect.

What Women Really Want To Hear During Labor

If you’re expecting, a spouse, doula, whatever … take note! These moms shared amazing ideas on how they feel most encouraged during the birthing process. I’d love to hear what you liked hearing during labors too,  comment here.

Is This Postpartum Anxiety?

The more I have process this, the more I think a series of unfortunate events led to my experience with postpartum anxiety after my third baby. Namely, our car accident when Reid was 2 weeks old. All that to say, as I’ve struggled through this, I’ve learned so much. Did you know that postpartum anxiety is more common than postpartum depression. I honestly didn’t even know that anxiety linked to the postpartum season was a thing until recently!

10 Recipes That Will Help Your Child Fall In Love With Veggies

In honor of Max. Wish me peace (lots and lots and lots) so this doesn’t happen. And wish for Max a fresh set of taste buds as we venture into tasting the scariest foods on the planet :)

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