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Sometimes things in life collide in a reckless and beautiful way. Our eyes are opened and our hearts are called to action. There is no other answer, because it’s just all too right.

I just finished reading The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah, a World War II novel about two French sisters. They worked as part of the Resistance and sacrificed, over and over and over again, in the name of truth and love. It’s a beautiful story and although it is fiction, I know bits and pieces represent stories of so many who survived. As I turned the pages I couldn’t help but remind myself that World War II is just one war that has created destruction, refugees, fear, and sorrow.

Helga, an 87-year-old woman from Colorado, fled Berlin during World War II. Recently she sent a letter and a CARE package to Sajeda, a 16-year-old refugee from Syria. Although decades separate them, Helga and Sajeda have so much in common. And they aren’t the only ones. They are one of many and CARE is connecting former refugees with current ones as a means of gifting hope.

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You can read Helga and Sajeda’s whole story here. These two women have shown strength and determination in the most trying of times. Despite the loss of their homeland, they are pressing on and Helga has offered Sajeda the encouragement she needs to look ahead to better days. 

Helga and Sajeda’s story is one of many. A number of World War II refugees have reached out in partnership with CARE to connect with Syrian refugees. You and I have a similar opportunity too – to send hope!

CARE has provided us with the chance to send a quick note of encouragement to a Syrian refugee through their message of hope portal. Take a minute and send one now. You can do it, your kids can do it, and if you share on Facebook, your friends can too (just click here and share my post!). It’s so simple, free, and a wonderful way to send hope and love to someone who has lost everything.

“When someone asks me,” Sajeda says, “’What was the most precious thing you left behind in Syria?’ I say that I left myself.”

Can you even imagine? Leaving everything behind? Feeling like you’ve left yourself? I know I’d be wandering – both inside and out. I’d be questioning God’s plan for my life. I’d be scared and worried. And if someone took a moment to encourage me, I know I’d be thankful. 

Join me and send a message of hope.

I’m sure things aren’t easy, but have faith and take hope. There WILL be brighter tomorrows and your strength and courage will see you through. Know that there is a family in the Northwest corner of the United States that is praying for you. Stay strong and accept our love across the miles!



Since World War II, CARE has been making an impact in the lives of refugees. If you’d like to take things a step further and send hope in a tangible way you can make a financial donation to CARE who will, on your behalf, provide a hygiene kit ($35) or food for a month ($70) to a Syrian family. This month marks 5 years since the Syrian war began and so many have been affected – 4.6 million refugees and another 6.6 million who have been displaced within Syria. CARE has directly reached 1 million of those Syrians with humanitarian relief and although the number seems daunting you and I can make a difference in one life of those million. And that means something. 

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  1. says

    My parents fled from Iraq and I’ve seen first hand how difficult rebuilding a life can be when your family is still in constant danger and I think this is an amazing initiative! Thanks for posting about it!


  2. says

    It’s so nice to know that there are groups like CARE that are making a difference. The world definitely needs more love and charity–this is a great place to start.

  3. Mai T. says

    Such a meaningful story! Lovely to have read this.

  4. says

    Such a touching post! Glad to read there are people out there enough to care and do something.

  5. Chelsey says

    What an awesome organization!

  6. Marian says

    What an amazing organization! The situation in which a lot of Syrians are in is heartbreaking. I’m glad that there are organizations like CARE that are helping them out and allow us to help them as well.

  7. Jill says

    What a wonderful post – very touching!

  8. Sarah Hayes says

    CARE sounds like an amazing organization. its nice to know there are people really making a difference and reaching out to others

  9. Brooke Berger says

    Beautiful post!

  10. Tracie Cooper says

    Great story, so uplifting!

  11. Heather Leacy says

    What a beautiful thing to do!

  12. Sarah Hunt says

    Hope is so easily lost – it’s amazing that people are able to restore hoe in communities.

  13. says

    This is such a fantastic, simple way to be such a tremendous blessing and give a hug across the miles!

  14. Susan Blackman Sharp says

    What a blessing this organization is to her community .

  15. Penny Phillips says

    This is such a beautiful post!

  16. Marha says

    This is so great!

  17. Dandi D says

    This is so nice to read and inspiring too!

  18. Heather Woodhams says

    Thank you for making this a part of your contest entry. This sounds like a great organization, I am glad you are calling people’s attention to it.

  19. Anna says

    This is a cool idea! Thanks for sharing :)

  20. Emily Hansen says

    This is so amazing!

  21. Stacy Spain says

    It’s so nice to know that there are organizations like CARE that makes a difference in people’s lives!

  22. Alexa says

    I love this! So great!

  23. Jen Kelton says

    Beautiful post!

  24. es says

    This post is so important!

  25. Ali Celestino says

    Love this it’s true you never know what words you speak or write will provide someone with hope, love encouragement etc they need. Not only that looking forward to the mail the letters, photos etc to come.

  26. Chelsie says

    Loved this post Gretchen! So beautiful and uplifting!

  27. Anel says

    What a beautiful program. A small ,kind thought can go such a long way! Thanks for sharing!

  28. Sarah Sobocinski says

    I love reading about all theses amazing stories from wartime.

  29. Elizabeth Parker says

    This is an amazing organization. :) I love that you have featured it to spread the word. :)

  30. Joelle Aguas says

    World War II story…

    I think I might find that book, and try to read it.