7 Things I Loved About MommyCon

7 Things I Loved About MommyCon

When Bianca of The Pierogie Mama and I were invited to attend MommyCon Seattle as part of their media team we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. We had heard of MommyCon, but that was the extent of our MC knowledge. So … we arrived with anticipation, wrap lust, and plans for a super fun girl’s night out (more like, in) at the Motif Hotel in Seattle. You can read her recap of MommyCon here!

Instead of reposting all my Instagram photos from the day —> here <— I figured I’d share what I truly loved about MommyCon. Like, the inside scoop. This info will be vitally important to your life because MommyCon has announced all their 2016 stops. Whoop! You can bet your britches I’ll be back at the Seattle event in the Spring and I hope you’re able to participate in an event near you and experience all the things I love about MommyCon for yourself!

MommyCon isn’t just for moms.

Deceiving, right? Well, I can heartily attest to the fact that MommyCon would be enjoyed by grandmas, dads, caregivers, and more. In fact, I’m encouraging my sister to catch the Austin event. She’s already a rockstar aunt and will someday be an even more amazing mama so why not start learning from the mama community now?

MommyCon brings you amazing speakers.

It’s one thing to read someone’s blog or shop their business. It’s another to hear them speak in person. I was blown away by the wisdom from Jeremy and Jessica Martin-Weber’s talk, “Sex After Baby” of Beyond Moi and The Leaky Boob, respectively, and loved meeting Jennifer Labit of Cotton Babies and hearing her heart behind cloth diapers. These folks are the real deal and truly an inspiration.

Um, giveaways, sales, and freebies!

There are so many! Swag bags are stocked and there are samples from vendors galore. I picked up an Aden + Anais treat for baby at a special MommyCon discount and scooped up these favorites of mine in the new Mountain Range print from The Woodland Collection. Best of all, Bianca won a wrap from my new favorite wrap company. It’s her first wrap ever and totally swoon worthy!

MommyCon isn’t mainstream.

So, you’re a natural mom? Or you think you might want to be one? MommyCon is for you. I love love loved that MommyCon was up my alley — babywearing, breastfeeding, natural products. It was really nice not having to “screen” things or watch out for hidden messages. 

MommyCon is for learning.

I’ve been a natural-ish mama for 5 years now. I know a lot. And guess what? I still learned things at MommyCon. I walked away knowing new wrap passes, was introduced to amazing products (this being the one I’m most anticipating), and gained a lot of great information about children’s sleep. At MommyCon you can be a total newb or an expert mama – if you come ready to learn, YOU WILL!

MommyCon is for friendships.

When you find yourself in a room full of moms you’re bound to connect with others. There are so many friendly faces! Attend planning to say “hello”, share your ups and downs of motherhood, and ask questions.

MommyCon was good for my soul.

Bottom line, MommyCon was good for my soul. Although children are invited, in my and Bianca’s case, we planned it as a mom’s night away. This was smart and oh so fabulous, as I’m sure you can imagine. Side note — if you’re in Seattle, the Frolik burger at Motif was A+. But the whole thing was just really, really good. To get away from home and focus on my calling as a mom surrounded by others who get it was refreshing. Sometimes, to feel rejuvenated in motherhood, we have to pause. Even if it’s for a mom conference :) 

If you’re close to Atlanta, DC, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Orlando, Orange County or San Jose get your ticket to MommyCon 2016. I loved it and I think you will too! Plus, I’ve got a fab coupon code for you to save a bit on your ticket!

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This post is not sponsored by MommyCon. I did receive a media pass to attend the event, but was not required to share my MommyCon love in a blog post. This is all me :)

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