Dreaming Of a Getaway


This last year has been a big travel year for our family. I think we wanted to squeeze in a bunch of getaways, large and small, before becoming a family of six. Now, we’re in a quiet season. We’re hoping to settle into a home and adjust to life with a new family member over the next year or two. That means vacations are on pause. That does not mean the getaway dreaming has slowed though!

Dominic and I — and the big kids too! — talk often about where we want to adventure in the future. Max recently said China (he’s a huge fan of Mulan, lol) and Jemma countered with London … I prefer much shorter flights so USA destinations are more on my mind :) I love that they love to travel though. It’s such a learning experience and I have grand plans to possible road-school when all four kids are a little more independent. For now, the big kids happily anticipate packing their bags, flying, trying new restaurants, exploring the outdoors, touring museums, and more when we are ready to travel once again. This place is definitely on list of places to visit.  

Have you been?!? 

dreaming of a getaway

The reality of a getaway to the Southwest is pretty realistic for us because we have family moving their soon! I’ve only been once, in high school with a friend’s family, and I remember loving the dry heat and beautiful desert landscape. Nothing beats an Arizona sunset!

Saguaro Ridge

When it comes to Arizona, there are TONS of places to explore. Many of which are family-friendly and since we’re a big family, I’m always on the lookout for places that will welcome our whole troupe. The city of Tuscon is one of the cities I can’t wait to explore. Here are a few of the things I have on my dream itinerary …

Saguero National Park

Filled with aspen, pine, and cacti, a visit to our nation’s great parks is always a must! Tuscon’s site features a great breakdown of hikes based on skill level and you better believe we’ll be trying some of those beginner routes when we go!

Colossal Cave Mountain Park

Cave attractions always fall on my list of places to check out. I’ve visited caves in Texas and New Mexico and loved those experiences so Colossal Cave Mountain Park is definitely on my list. Best of all, visiting caves is a nice way to take a break from the heat when you’re in a hotter climate.


Don’t miss The Arts link on the Tuscon website, it features a video of the new downtown murals! I ADORE all the color! Will probably need to reserve a whole day to just tour the city and find each of these pieces … you know how our family loves a good wall art hunt!

BK Carne Asada and More

Can you go to Tuscon and NOT eats Mexican-inspired food morning, noon, and night? The La Estrella Bakery, BK Carne Asada & Hot Dogs, and El Charro Cafe all caught my eye. Have you eaten somewhere fabulous in Tuscon?

International Wildlife Museum

I know my kids would LOVE this and the price is definitely right for museum visitors … only $4 for each child!

Tuscon Farmer’s Market

I think it always gives a taste of local life when you pop into a farmer’s market while on vacation. It’s great for both a snack and local fare. Plus, if you’re in Tuscon in July you can participate in the Garlic Festival, Roasted Chili Festival in September, or the Pumpkin Celebration in October. They’ve always got something delicious brewing it seems.

Charro Steak



All of this is just the tip of the iceberg (or should I say tip of the cactus?)! Visit Tuscon virtually here and tell me what you want to see, do, or taste first in this amazing city! If you’ve been before, I’d LOVE your insider’s scoop on what you loved most of all! Comment away!

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