Style File — The Post Thanksgiving Family Edition

Here’s the thing … Dominic is a lumber guy. He loves it and will probably be in the building industry for most of his career. It’s a good gig, but I do squeak often about the lack of paid holidays. Thankfully, Thanksgiving is one of the days he gets off so we grasped the daylight hours, no rain, and warm sweatshirts and hiked out on a family adventure.

It makes sense, right? Big meal, mini hike, then back home for another slice of pie …DSC_0588 1 DSC_0598 1 hanes 2DSC_0686 1hanes 1DSC_0669 2

We all had a different agenda. Dom had dreams of acting out a Man vs. Wild scene. And he really could! Funny side note … In our pre-dating days we almost ended up on a college leadership trip on Mt. Adams together and had that happened I doubt we would have started dating. Dom would have been shocked and appalled by my lack of outdoor know how and written me off as a sissy, I’m sure of it. I wanted to gather some evergreens and rocks for a few rustic craft projects. See? That’s the extent of my outdoorsy-ness … the outdoors are merely a form of craft supplies. Jem was on board with rock collecting and filled her pockets as my rock hunting assistant. And Max, well, that kiddo wanted a bird’s eye view so he could watch for deer – he is obviously going to be a little nature guy just like his Daddy.

For our outing the whole family rocked Hanes ComfortBlend EcoSmart Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirts. They were warm, perfect for layering, and my favorite feature – tag less! I love how seamlessly they worked into our regular outfits – hoodies aren’t just for working out and lounging, that’s for sure! Best of all, our Hanes hoodies were roomy enough to mask pie belly :) Anything that allows a second round of pumpkin pie or lemon meringue is a winner in my book!

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