Childhood Cancer Awarenss Month | 600 Pennies

Over the course of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month I’ve been blessed to connect with a number of amazing mamas. Mamas who are fighting hard for their kids. These are brave women who are stopping at nothing to heal their children, raise awareness and earn funds for further research so that someday childhood cancer won’t be such a scary thing.
Yesterday I was invited to participate in an virtual event to raise funds in honor of Ethan Fontes. This is what his mama, Emily, shared:

My 8 year old son Ethan was diagnosed with leukemia on January 31, 2012. Today is a big signpost in our treatment. This is the exact half-way point. We’ve endured 600 days of chemo. We have 600 more days to go. And so today I’m going to do something I have never done: I’m going to ask for your money. I want to ask you to donate to childhood cancer research in honor of Ethan. 600 pennies. That’s all I’m asking. I want 600 people to donate 600 pennies in honor of the 600 days we have fought leukemia and the 600 days we have left. $6 says “Yes, I stand with you in the fight for a cure.”
Click here to donate:
Click here to read more about this day:

I just submitted my 600 penny donation – do you have 600 pennies to spare too? Can you say, “Yes, I stand with you in the fight for a cure.” Donate here and if you’re willing, please share this post or the donation link on your Facebook and Twitter. Thanks friends!

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