Straightened, Braided, and Bunned

We’re in full wedding swing around here. The countdown is on … November 26th is the big day! Hannah has purchased her dress, Aaron has his suit and the location is set. We’re working on invitations and decor details – it’s going to be fabulous! Hopefully Hannah can guest post some of her photos soon so you can get a peek at all she has planned. It’s going to be a gorgeous wedding!
I’m the matron of honor, such a lovely title isn’t it?, and I think we’ve landed on the perfect bridesmaid dresses … super sale ones from Nordstrom and we’re finalizing our shoe and jewelry. So, since those big decisions are about wrapped up, I’ve moved on to thinking about my hair. 
A few years ago I was in a wedding shortly after getting my hair cut and I totally hated how my hair looked. It was shorter … kind of like now, so I’m happy I have a few months to grow it longer. We shall see. I scrolled through some old photos the other day and I really miss the messy bun ease of my longer hair. And with the wedding … well, let’s just say I should have thought through the timing on all these upcoming hair events. Anyways, that’s enough of my hair cut regret for one post! Good news is – I love it straightened down in a long, sleek bob. And, straightening, teasing and volumizing it will be the base of the matron hair I’m dreaming of. 
One of Katie’s college friends has volunteered to do our hair and make-up. I am beyond excited about this because every photo of hers I see on Instagram I find myself super inspired with a new hair twist or eye shadow. She’s a braid specialist so I’m thinking of requesting some type of braid bun look … here’s my inspiration:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Matronly while still having a slight sexy demure look … right?

And imagine in dark brunette, because I’m obviously no blonde.

By request from my sisters, I’ll be contributing my fabulous HANA flat iron to our beauty station at the wedding. They’ve both tried it a few times and we all agree it’s the best straightener around. Next up, I’m on the search for the perfect hairspray – something with a strong but flexible hold. What would you recommend?

Oh, and I’ll be taking out stock in bobby pins too :) Between us all, we’ll need at least a hearty stash.

I received a HANA Salon flat iron from Misikko in exchange for my review. Not only am I smitten with this flat iron, I love the HANA hair dryer too! Pretty much, as a mom, it’s really nice to have nice, effective hair tools for those few days I get a chance to fully get ready for the day :)
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  1. Bianca says

    I love the girl with the red shirt's look, it's totally you. You have so much body in your hair, I've always been jealous ;)

  2. ThatMamaGretchen says

    Thanks! I really like that one too!

  3. sarah says

    they are all pretty!!!

  4. Marybeth says

    Those are all gorgeous!