Feeling / / / really happy + content amidst the boxes I haven’t unpacked and the to-do list that is growing. I think it helped that we spent the majority of yesterday outside … we visited the zoo! Dominic was laid off on Monday (boo!) so we were able to plan an unexpected family day off to just play and enjoy one another’s company. Obviously things are up in the air (the last time Dominic was in a work transition I was working full-time so it wasn’t quite as big of a deal), but we are praying for a blessing – something even better than what he had before – and we are confident the Lord will see us through.
Jemma rode + walked through the zoo – the cutest caboose if you ask me! Then she explored a shark mouth while chatting about her fave exhibit (elephants) and Max had a giggle fest during our picnic lunch just so I could show off her bunny teeth that arrived in time for Easter!

Imagining / / / what my new kitchen dresser will look like once painted! We took the plunge and bought a can of Annie Sloan paint in Napoleonic Blue and will be getting out our brushes soon. I can’t wait! The dresser will go in our nook and act as storage for my table linens, candles and other kitchen items that don’t need frequent access.

 The paint was sold at a darling antique shop. They had painted the above dresser the Napoleonic Blue that we chose too – isn’t it just loverly! Yes, loverly :)
Considering / / / Spring Break plans. My mama is off this coming week and my sister is off the next. Yay for having teachers in the family!
Reading / / / recipes … I’m such a pancake fiend. Oh, and I just recently picked up Radical Homemaker again. 
Moving / / / forward. Because, obviously. Oh, and I fully believe these words that I found on Instagram, but for the life of me can’t remember who’s profile to correctly link … sorry!

So, what are you currently up to?

P.S. Around the interwebs this week I talked about being a minimalist at heart and let’s just take a gander at this time last year – ohmygoodness, the sweetness!

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