Merry Christmas Eve!

This year’s Christmas card is sweet and simple. A lovely photo from our dear photographer (who, might I brag, just had a rockstar homebirth a few days ago) and an equally lovely card design from Danielle over at Take Heart.

Perhaps I’ll have a chance to write a whole Christmas letter next year … I seem to go back and forth each year, letter this year, photo next year, letter this year and so on. So, I guess I’m setting myself up for a letter in 2013!

Here’s a peek at the last few years. I’ve never shared them on the blog so this is new material. For reals. Eat it up. And ohmygoodness, I can hardly take how much Jemmie has grown up!

2011 Newsletter

2010 Photo Card 

 2009 Photo Card

2008 Video Newsletter

Dominic and I were married in August 2007 and I’m pretty sure I didn’t send anything out our first year. We were both in school and mega busy. I lovelovelove looking at how our family has grown and changed over the years. I can only imagine what next year will look like. And 10 years … 20 years … what a blessing that will be!

Do you send a photo card or newsletter out each year? Why or why not?
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