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Toddler Eats is a fun little series where I dive head first into the facts, figures, and tricks of feeding a toddler. I’ll also be including quite a few recipe ideas specifically for our little sweethearts – ranging from the baby-led weaning stage through preschool. If you have a recipe (with photos) you’d like to share I’d love to feature you in one of the installments of Toddler Eats – just send me an email with your idea!
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Here’s a bit of advice … If you have a toddler, they will eventually spill a cup AND manage to sit and play in said cup’s contents. It’s just the facts of life.

Enter the need for lids … on EVERYTHING!

Then, enter my new best friend, GreenPaxx.

GreenPaxx is an eco-friendly company who specializes in, get this, universal lids with matching reusable straws! Signal angel choir.

Check out how they work in this nifty lil’ video:

Jemma and I are having a blast exploring our new food accessory! It has made drinking smoothies so much more fun. Plus, since I’m nursing and drinking copious amounts of water (water than Jemma insists on having sips of every. other. second.) I’ve saved myself quite a few spills since popping a GreenPaxx lid on to our every day drinking glasses.
GrennPaxx’s Cool Cap in action!

By using GreenPaxx I’m helping protect the environment, save money, support a company with a great mission, and clean up less messes! WOOHOO! Jump on board by using coupon code MAMA for 20% off your GreenPaxx order! Better yet, enter the giveaway to win 2 Cool Caps and one box of 4 Cool Straws! This giveaway is offered to US residents only.  Please do not enter this giveaway if you have received free products from GreenPaxx within the past 3 months.

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