September Sponsor Love & GIVEAWAY DAY

It’s that time of the month! The time to honor all of my fabulous sponsors!
Plus, if you scroll to the very bottom, you have the chance to enter a little giveaway! YAY!
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Whimsical Mumblings is basically a lifestyle blog. I am a 20 something girl from England. I am absolutely obsessed with household cleaning tips and tricks, homemade bath and beauty products, and films. I LOVE films! I have to watch atleast two a day, or I may break down! My blog is mainly about my day to day life, but shortly it will also include homemade beauty product tutorials and craft tutorials. All my love. Sarah xox  
The latest and greatest news I’d like to share with the world?
I have recently ‘revamped’ my blog, and I have gained so many new friends in the blogger world and many new readers, so I just want to say a great big T H A N K Y O U ! ! !
About Pog Totes
I make a variety of bags and cases out of designer fabric. I started this little business about a year ago, when I came to realization that the side effects of brain surgery would prevent me from returning to my job as a litigator.
The latest and greatest news I’d like to share with the world?
 10% off with the code THATMAMA!

Hi there! My Etsy shops display my love for handmade involving everything for baby and mom and everything else in between. I love to share with you all my adventures in handmade, being a mom, and fun times being had by all. 
The latest and greatest news I’d like to share with the world?
I recently gave birth to my second wee one, Oliver. Big sister… she is ten whole years older! I’m simply just happy as pie. Fresh Strawberry Pie. And, I’ll offer a 10% discount for the month of September, use code THATMAMA and like me on Facebook or Twitter!

About GreenPaxx
We sell Eco-friendly health accessories and have just launched the line with a great reusable beverage cap and two-piece reusable straw. Great for healthy home made juices and smoothies!

The latest and greatest news I’d like to share with the world?
Americans use more than 60 million disposable plastic straws per day! We can all make small changes that help this scary stat. And make some healthy smoothies along the way! GreenPaxx products make healthy living more fun! Use coupon code THATMAMA for 20% off any GreenPaxx order! You can also find us on Facebook and Twitter.
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In addition to all the sweet coupon codes, Pog Totes would like to give away a zippered pouch (of your choice) to two of you!
Interested in joining That Mama Gretchen as a sponsor next month? Use promo code BIRTHDAY for 26% off any sponsorship!

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