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Trina is pretty stinkin’ fabulous. She makes me laugh on the regular and feel like a normal mama; like I’m not alone in the craziness of motherhood. I’m sure you’ll adore her too!
hey- i’m trina & i’m the genius behind lookatthebirds & by genius i mean, really good at Googling things & then acting like i already knew the answer.
(Pinterest no-heat curls for the win!)
i started blogging about 5 years ago & originally my blog was focused around trying to have a baby, the suckiness of infertility & my subsequent anger at the universe. then after 4 IVF’s we welcomed Alexis Praise on 09.24.09.
5 months later & divine intervention found me knocked up the “old fashioned” way.
& we added Brynn Everly on 12.10.10.
& now both girls spend their time being cute & saying the words “No” & “Cookies?” over & over & over.
2 doxies, 1 cat, 10 chickens & 2 goldfish round out our little log cabin living family.
awesome huh? the line to be our friend is over there…
& now to answer a couple of questions:
Favorite Bible Verse … “but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength; they will run & not grown weary, they will walk & not grow faint.” isaiah 40:31
Favorite Baby Product … Original Sprout bath/lotion/hair products. hands down the best smelling stuff ever. plus, it’s vegan so my uber sensitive skinned children don’t suffer.
3 Things on My To-Do List … 1. have baby bird #3 (easier said than done this time around) 2. take more personal pictures (i’m always shooting clients so i can get sick of my camera, but i really need to remember to capture my own family) 3. tackle potty training (we started this weekend- eek!)
Favorite Recently Thrifted Items … i scored some pink Minnetonka mocs for like $5. along with this awesome under the sea dress, vintage flower dress & Hannah Anderson owl PJ’s- all for like $20.
Guilty Pleasure … my guilty pleasure is reading & eating things that i shouldn’t. so my perfect day would be me, my books, chocolate, ginger ale & comething salty- all alone someplace warm & breezy. amen.
Favorite Mama Moment This Month … both my girls hugging my legs & telling me they love me….then running off & hitting each other. ::tears::
& there you have it. a look at the birds!

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