Who I’ve Become

Welcome to the I Love Me! Carnival!

This post was written for inclusion in the I Love Me! Carnival hosted by Amy at Anktangle. This carnival is all about love of self, challenging you to lift yourself up, just for being you.

Please read to the bottom to find a list of submissions from the other carnival participants.

Iguazu Falls, Brazil – October 2003

Pale skin that should be tan.
Dark body hair that needs to be waxed.
Brittle nails that won’t grow long.
Sweaty pits that limit what I feel comfortable wearing.
Soft belly that jiggles too much.
Frizzy hair that should be ironed straight.

When I was 17, that’s what I saw when I looked in the mirror.
In comparison to my peers, I probably had a very healthy, self-image. I never struggled with my weight or eating healthy. I played sports, but more for the social element than the exercise. I never worried about the size of my clothes as long as they fit well.

How has society led young women to believe that being different, BEING NORMAL, is a bad thing?

Each phase of life brings about physical changes and I firmly believe that it is up to me to embrace each phase. At 17, I didn’t know what I had – I was fit, healthy, vibrant. Had I not focused on all that I should change about myself, how much happier would I have been?

In college, while dating and then marrying my husband my view changed …
Pale skin because I protect it from the sun.
Dark body hair because I have Swiss heritage and look much like my Grammy.
Brittle nails that I keep trim and short so I don’t have to worry or spend money on them.
Sweaty pits that I grew out of – God bless hormone changes :)
Soft belly that stretched to grow and birth my daughter.
Frizzy hair that looks beautiful in a soft wave rather than stick straight.

Engagement Photos – June 2007

Much of life is about perspective. Taking the negative, self-depleting thoughts and turning them into something beautiful.

It is my hope and prayer that I can instill positive thinking in my daughter early on. My parents constantly highlighted my beauty – both inner and outer – but societal norms still have a way of sneaking up on the most innocent of hearts. I hope I can guard her from that harm, while exposing her enough to realize the ugly truth of being a cookie cutter girl. If I’m a mama who loves myself and I raise a daughter who loves herself too – perhaps we can help lead a generation of change agents where differences are praised and beauty is most recognized by actions and words.

Thank you for reading this post from the I Love Me! Carnival. Please take some time to read the contributions from the other carnival participants:

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  1. says

    I appreciate how intentional you're being about this for your daughter's benefit. I agree completely with you that oftentimes, it takes only a small context shift, a re-framing or change of perspective to completely alter the way we think about something. It's incredible what a huge difference a small effort makes, isn't it?

  2. M Lissar says

    Such an important state of mind for you to have and to pass on to your daughter. It is a sad state for young ladies today and all the media they are exposed to with the warped values!

  3. Emma Summer says

    Whenever I think about how much my perspective on my body has changed since my teenage years, I cringe. Why, oh why couldn't I have appreciated myself more at that age? Having a daughter makes me nearly obsessed with figuring out the secret to raising girls with healthy body image and high self esteem. I think recognizing our own journey and evolution towards said goal is the first step!

  4. says

    This is so wonderful! I love the way your changed your perspective and your revised list is so sweet and beautiful, especially the part about "grammy." I have a daughter too and I know exactly what you mean. I can't protect her from what's out there, but I can give her a whole lot of me and confidence in herself from in here. I love the photos too. I'm so glad you shared them.

  5. says

    Well, we were clearly sitting next to each other as we wrote our posts! I love how you illustrate your bodily appreciation and acceptance through various stages of your life. Really unique post. Love it!

  6. ThatMamaGretchen says

    It's definitely a work in progress. Just take it one day at a time :)________________________________

  7. Linni says

    This is really wonderful and inspiring. It's great how we change our perspectives over time isn't it. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. Anonymous says

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