Unique Little Jemma and Her Not-Yet Sibling

The name Jemma hasn’t been in the top 1,000 in the US … ever. Jemma did show in the top 1,000 for Canada, Australia and Scotland in the early 2000’s:

That’s right … we’ve got a hip little Canadian-Australia-Scottish girlie on our hands :)
My hope for our future children is that we’ll stick with the unique, but pronounceable type of name. My top few new names for baby number 2 (which is not yet on its way) are:
Penelope – #771
Thatcher – not in top 1,000
Beatrix – not in top 1,000 (Beatrice is #170)
Cecily – #1827 (out of 4276)
Truly – not in top 1,000
Ginger – #428
Reuben – #549
Story – not in top 1,000
Unfortunately, I don’t think many of these are on Dominic’s list … but, I have time to bring him around :)  Many of our old names are still favorites, but I wanted to document the latest and greatest!
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  1. says

    When I decided I wasn't going to budge on the name "emmaline" I told hubs, "Look you gave her, her last name which is pretty special.. I am giving her, her first name" :)

  2. says

    I have a good friend (and former roommate) whose name is Gemma. She's from England but grew up in New Zealand and now lives in Mexico. Same name, but different spelling.Jamie

  3. says

    Love them all! Thatcher, Truly, and Story are especially stinkin cute!!!

  4. says

    Cute. I like Penelope…I thought that Penelope Piersoll had a nice ring too it. Unfortunately our family is sticking with C for the first inital, so it's out. I love Story – well, assuming your last name isn't Book. :)