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  1. says

    I love this stork parking & so does hubby!!! However I hate BRU and their return policy! UGH

  2. says

    Aren't those parking spots the BEST?! :)

  3. says

    THE BEST! Oh I used to get so mad when I saw non-preggar people park in those spots It took all of my might not to scream at them! What dirtbag does that?

  4. says

    I'm with M'Lissa on that one! Especially when I was pregnant and on crutches.

  5. says

    They should have spots for moms with young children too:)

  6. says

    Oh my gosh I loved those parking spaces!! I really feel like they should have those at shopping malls, too!!

  7. says

    They have them at some malls, at least here they do :) And I love your belly button!!