Mother’s Day

Little reality check here … I’M GOING TO BE A MOM!!! Nothing like trying to grasp my pending motherhood. Today was one of the days that helped to piece it all together. I was told “Happy Mother’s Day” over and over and I’m sure I responded with some puzzled looks. Then I realized, wow, they […]


I’m not a very patient person. It makes you wonder how on earth I am sticking with this whole “we’re not finding out the baby’s gender”. I know, I don’t get it either. Back to the story of my non-patience … we’re bidding on an UppaBaby stroller on eBay. I’m trying not to think about […]

Belly Bands

BellaBand = my bra for the bump I’m in love with my BellaBands! They are helping me to transition for . Who would have thought that a smudge of elastic could work such wonders? Over the last few weeks I have acquired two … both by Ingrid & Isabel. One has lace on the bottom […]


Does anyone remember the creamsicle hard candies from a few years ago … they came in orange and raspberry flavor. I think Lifesaver made them. I need them and can’t find them anywhere! Let me reiterate, I NEED THEM! I couldn’t even find a picture on Google to jog your memory; could they have been […]

Maxi Pencil Skirt = BFF

This weekend I found a navy maxi skirt from Forever 21 at Plato’s Closet (one of my favorite second hand shops). It was only $8 and has an elastic waist so of course it was a must for my growing tummy wardrobe! Here I am sporting my new BFF at work today … Photo by […]

The gender dilemma …

The other morning on the way to work I got a distinct feeling our little one was a girl. This is the first sign of gender I have noticed. I think because I have been very focused on finding a boy name and making sure my nursery plans have a balance of fancy and masculinity. […]

Mr. Surprise

If you came home from work on a regular ol’ Monday and saw this … what would you do? That’s right … scream your little heart out and thank God 100 times over for blessing you with the most incredible husband! Dominic is always doing special things for me, but this tops it all! With […]