MommyCon For the Not Yet Mom

Hello there, if you have ever heard mention of the sister who lives in the sweltering heat, I mean, heart of Texas… That’s me, Hannah! I am That Mama Gretchen’s youngest sister – a military spouse, laboratory scientist, and mom to my precious fur baby, Riley (the dog Max always wants to say hello to […]

MommyCon Giveaway!

It’s that time of year — the kick off of MommyCon season! Bianca, of The Pierogie Mama, and I attended the Seattle event last Fall and we’re gearing up to go again on Saturday, April 2nd! Why, you ask, are we headed back so soon? Well, the sessions of course! They’re fresh and new and so […]

7 Things I Loved About MommyCon

When Bianca of The Pierogie Mama and I were invited to attend MommyCon Seattle as part of their media team we didn’t really know what we were getting ourselves into. We had heard of MommyCon, but that was the extent of our MC knowledge. So … we arrived with anticipation, wrap lust, and plans for a […]