Max’s Surgery Anniversary

Two months before Max’s surgery our dear photographer took lifestyle portraits of Max. To this day, they’re still some of my favorites. Probably always will be because I am a sappy, lovey mama who thinks her children are adorably perfect and sweet. Every inch of them! I had always been protective of Max’s extra thumb, […]

The Day I Counted To 11

It takes a long time for me to process things. After my marathon labor with Jemma I focused on my new life as a mama and never processed the events of her arrival. Well, not until I was pregnant with Max and broke down from fear of experiencing labor again. During my first trimester I […]

An Update On Max’s Thumb

Max has checked off three more doctor’s appointments, all of which resulted in good news! Yippee!   First up was his final appointment at Mary Bridge. We met with his surgeon who checked out his incision. She gave him a thumbs up on its’ healing and unless we have any further concerns we don’t have […]

Part Three | Max’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

Here’s Part One and Part Two.   A week ago Max became cast free – yippee!    Truly, we were in a good groove with cast life. Max adjusted quickly and figured out crawling and walking just fine with his new accessory. He didn’t seem to itch or get too hot and since it was […]

Part Two | Max’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

Here’s Part One of Max’s Polydactyly Reconstruction story   Max and I went to bed early Thursday night in preparation for his surgery on Friday. Our nursing cut off was 3:30 am so I set my alarm for 3:15 hoping that he’d get a solid noshing session in before the milk bar closed. True to […]

Part One | Max’s Polydactyly Reconstruction

The other week we had Max’s pre-op appointment for his polydactyly reconstruction. That’s the fancy name for having his extra thumb removed. The surgery is scheduled for tomorrow morning – the first surgery of the day actually. We have to be at the hospital at 6 am which means we’re leaving home a bit before […]

Max’s Double Thumb – Learning More

Last week I took this picture of my sweet boy. I sent it out on Facebook asking for prayers as Dominic, Max, and I were on our way to the children’s hospital to meet an orthopedic surgeon to discuss Max’s double thumb.   I was pretty nervous, hospitals are for sick people and my baby […]

Three Thumbs Up

Mr. Max … Over the last month we’ve had a blast embracing the uniqueness of your extra thumb! Daddy thinks you may be an extra talented baseball pitcher someday and your grandpa is hoping you take up golf. I love holding your little hand and feeling the extra grasp, it couldn’t be any sweeter :) […]