Five Favorites

Charlie is just two weeks away from turning two! We can hardly believe it – where has the time gone? Good thing is, he still loves a snuggle. And, for those snuggles, we’re lovin’ the new, bigger size of Tula blankets … perfect for growing toddlers. They’re called “throws” and the patterns are precious!

Our February has seen both snow and some 70+ degrees days and it has us itching for warmer days outside. We’re also in that slump of post-Christmas school where we’re just doing what needs to be done. We did just finish Astrid the Unstoppable which was lovely read aloud. And soon we will wrap up the entire Chronicles of Narnia … I think we will have a little themed party. I’m going to start working on some ideas this evening :)

And that’s the recap for now … ready for some favorites?

ONE — Jem and I are both in love with Teleties. We wear the large for ponytails, the tiny ones at the end of braids, and the real winner? The hair clip … it’s so so good!

TWO — Mighty Patch = magic? Have you tried these for blemishes yet?!?

THREE — I’ve heard these are a pretty solid Free People dupe. I love my leopard pair!

FOUR — This book may become my anthem for the year.

FIVE — If you’re a historical fiction fan, hop over to Netflix and get on Women at War … it is excellent!

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