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Whether you homeschool or not, Outschool is such a treat! Something you and your kids will totally love!

Jemma took her first class a few weeks ago – “Disney Artist Mary Blair Inspired Castles” – and has since taken another … also about Disneyland :) Her list of favorites (you can “heart” classes that interest you on the site) is looooooooong so I’m sure we’ll be signing up something else soon … mermaids, fairytales, and animals seem to be her top picks!

Max’s first class is in March – “Pete the Cat Story and Guided Drawing” – and he can’t wait! Honestly, I can’t either … his drawings lately have been the cutest and I’m probably going to frame his rendition of Pete.

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So, what exactly is Outschool?

Outschool is an online class forum for kids ages 3 to 18. Classes are small and taught live through Zoom. Topics range from art to life skills to math to foreign languages. Some are one time classes, others are ongoing. It’s flexible and really cost-effective, in my opinion. Most classes are in the $10 range. And, for our family, $10 here and there for some supplemental learning is much more realistic than a larger monthly commitment. Here are some of the classes we’ve got our eye on … each one is just $6-12!

  • Blast Off! Create Art Inspired By Outer Space
  • Who Will You Be? Will You Survive? Decide Your Fate On the Titanic!
  • Be President For a Day!
  • The World’s Strangest Animals
  • Legends of the Deep: From Mermaids to Monsters
  • Phonics With Pokemon: Long Vowel Sounds
  • How To Become a Ninja
  • Once Upon a Time: A Writing Class on Fairy Tales

Outschool classes are seriously awesome for home education – my kids love that I’m their teacher, but there is definitely allure to someone other than mom, plus, I think they feel very grown up taking a class online. Outschool classes are also a great resource for after school/weekend activities and many offer extra help in subjects that your child may need to practice … “No Tears Double Digit Multiplication”, anyone?

As current Outschool students Jemma and Max get to participate in Outschool’s “Give $20, Get $20” referral program. That’s right, if you sign up for an Outschool class through this link you’ll get $20 towards your first class as long as you sign up for the class within 30 days. After you finish your class, we’ll get $20 too! Then, as an Outschool student yourself, you’ll get a referral link to share as well … that way you can earn credit toward classes and build a giant favorites list like us :)



Comment if you have any questions! This post isn’t sponsored, other than our potential of earning referral credit. It’s something we’ve truly loved and I’m an open book in regard to our experience!

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