Annual-ish Mother’s Day Interview

I’m kicking myself for letting this interview tradition slip. But some years is better than none, so we’re back at it for 2020! ​​​​​​​This year we had a really lovely evening at a creek near us and next weekend we’re fitting in a hike in honor of Mother’s Day. Truly so blessed to call these four mine!​​​​​​​

​​​​​​​This year we had a really lovely Mother’s Day evening at a creek near us and next weekend we are fitting in a hike in honor of Mother’s Day. Truly, I feel so blessed to call these four mine!​​​​​​​ I love celebrating them on Mother’s Day … I wouldn’t be a mama without them!

How old is your mom? 

Jem: 33

Max: 33 or 34

Reid: Two … I fink.

Eli: Three!

What is her favorite color? 

Jem: One time you told me you like black and white and navy blue.

Max: Pink.

Reid: Green! It’s pink!

Eli: Oh, white and blue.

What does she like to do?

Jem: You like to take care of all of us. And spend time with us!

Max: Take pictures.

Reid: Making dinner!

Eli: Watch Moana!

What is her favorite food? 

Jem: I feel like this is a trick question! You like a lot of Daddy’s food. And you’d probably get curry if you went out to eat.

Max: Almost everything that is served to you.

Reid: Broccoli (which oddly enough is my least favorite food, lol!)

Eli: Pizza, white dip!

What books does your mommy like to read? 

Jem: You like Kristin Hannah books! And you liked “The Knife of Never Letting Go”.

Max: History books.

Reid: “Papa’s Song”.

Eli: A story!

What time does she go to bed?

Jem: 10 o’clock to maybe 1 … it changes a lot.


Reid: Fourteen minutes.

Eli: Sleep, mama milk!

What is your favorite thing about her? 

Jem: Everything! You are kind to us and do lots of things for us like take us out to surprises.

Max: You’re a really loving mother and I don’t know what I would do without you.

Reid: Giving hugs.

Eli: Star Wars shirt!

I love my mom because …

Jem: She always cares about us and I love that she homeschools us.

Max: She’s nice, funny, surprising (like she’s full of surprises), really good at baking, super good at planning, loving, and that’s all.

Reid: I just love you.

Eli: Because!

My mom is good at …

Jem: Writing blogs and cooking!

Max: Baking treats!

Reid: Making the rules.

Eli: Hugging you.

If I could give my mom any present I would give her …

Jem: A trip to Walt Disney World!

Max: Well, you already have eternal life, soooooo love!

Reid: Baymax! I want a Baymax toy too.

Eli: Surprise me!

When you are a parent, what do you want you want to name your baby?

Jem: If it’s a girl I would name her Charity or Clara and if was a boy I would probably name him Jake.

Max: Well maybe, Rose or Petunia. I know I will name my girl a kind of flower. For a boy, maybe Peter.

Reid: Abu!

Eli: Ran to get his baby … “Big baby!”.

What do you want to tell your mom on Mother’s Day?

Jem: You are the best mom in the world and I love you so much!

Max: I like giving her books I made for Mother’s Day. And I love her.

Reid: I will give her a surprise!

Eli: I don’t know … a treat?

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