The Holiday Gift Guide For Little Kids

Some brands gifted items included in this year’s gift guide to me for review. But as always I wouldn’t share if I couldn’t truly recommend. Affiliate links included where applicable, that does not change your purchase price, but does support my blog, so thank you!

Some In past years I’ve shared an overall kid guide for the holidays, but this year I’m dividing it up into little kids and big kids. That’s how my crew tends to fall so that’s my expertise and, well, that’s what you’re gonna get!

The little kids guide is focused on the 2-5 year old crowd, give or take a bit, so if that’s your family, get ready for some fab gift ideas! Happy shopping!

Green Toys Tugboat & Board Book Set

Ya’ll know and love Green Toys, right? They’re made from 100% recycled plastic and you can wash them in the dishwasher! I particularly love this set though because it pairs the Green Toys Tugboat with a copy of Brave Little Tugboat. Bath time plus story time is the best!

Smarty JOJO

I have an airplane loving boy so I knew from the get go that Smarty JOJO would be a hit. Smarty JOJO is a fun, interactive toy that gets your kids moving, following directions, and learning. With over 150 commands your little kids will have a blast going fast, turning right, finding something red, and more … lots more!

Magformers Magnetic Building Sets

There is truly nothing better than magnetic building toys and the scenes from Magformers are just darling! This holiday season they have a 61 piece Backyard Adventure set that is A+. We spend so much time in our own backyard that I’m positive this particular scene will get gobs of love and imagination-infused play. We also adore the Magformers Camping Adventure set. Nothin’ like dreaming about summer fun in the winter!

Usborne Books

Surprise! I’m officially an Usborne book lady! I have an active party right now that will ship in time for Christmas and for the preschool age I can’t recommend this round up of book ideas enough! Especially Nibbles!

Hape Xylophone Shape Sorter

Music meets shape learning with Hape’s new Xylophone Shape Sorter. If you have not discovered the brand Hape, please please please, don’t delay in picking something from their line for your child this Christmas. Quality, wood toys that are truly beautiful and timeless. The kind you’ll hold on to for your grandkids for sure. This Hape toy is available exclusively at Target.

Hape My First Block Set

Somehow I have made it through a decade of parenting without ever adding basic blocks to our play room. Well, that’s about to end thanks to My First Block Set from Hape. Plus, you can’t beat $17 for 80 pieces! Best of all, this block set comes in a storage box with a shape sorting lid. Easy peasy clean up! This set is available exclusively at Target.

Hoot Hoot Owl

Reid and Eli play Hoot Hoot Owl and a few other of our Peaceable Kingdom games nonstop. Literally, they are always begging Jem to sit down and facilitate board game fun! Peaceable Kingdom games focus on cooperative play so for early gamers you eliminate the win/lose narrative and focus on working together.

The Dough Project DIY Mix Variety Pack

The Dough Project has my heart! I adore this play dough kit! It’s super fun to get in the kitchen with your littles and instead of a treat as the outcome have another activity … play dough! The Dough Project DIY Mix Variety Pack is made with organic wheat flour, sea salt, cream of tartar and then beet, turmeric, and spirulina for color. Gorgeous, fun, and the perfect winter activity.

Piggy Paint

Have you ever been hesitant to use salon or your old college stash of nail polish on your kids? Yeah, me too. Thanks to Piggy Paint you don’t have to fret anymore. This line of kid-friendly polish is non-toxic, odorless, and cruelty-free. The perfect stocking stuffer or surprise for little ones who enjoy spa time at home!

Melissa & Doug Sandwich Counter

We have the Melissa & Doug ice cream counter and, well, let’s say that I eat wood ice cream every single day. I’m ready to upgrade to some pretend sandwiches with the Melissa & Doug Sandwich Counter. Honestly, I like these sets more than full play kitchens. Smaller, easier to tidy up, and yet, not lacking fun.

Smarty PAD

My big kids are on screens throughout the day for school and it leaves my little guys aching for their own screen learning time. Smarty PAD is the perfect option because it isn’t a true screen – it’s a LED tablet. Smarty PAD teaches phonics, language, counting, and beginning coding through 12 interactive games. It’s great for home and even better for long car rides!

Wild Republic Pillowkins

Coming soon to Amazon, Wild Republic is launching a new line of stuffed animals called Pillowkins. They are truly so cute! Will you snag a tiger (that’s what I’m getting for Reid!), a penguin, giraffe, panda, unicorn, elephant, or one of the other designs?

Play Tunnel

With winter weather here, indoor play is essential. My littles are in love with their play tunnel. It’s out daily migrating from the play room to the kitchen and every hallway in between. Plus, I love that it can be tied up nice and compact.

Magnetic Face Puzzle Set

If you’re looking for a small, contained activity for home, restaurants, or travel, this magnetic face puzzle set is it! Preschoolers can be so creative and this is the perfect toy to really see their imaginations soar.

Pinna Audiobook Platform

Our whole family loves audiobooks and the sooner you introduce listening to books the better in my opinions! Here’s the thing though, most audiobook platforms allow you to listen to one book and then you have to manually start a new one. Pinna allows you to create audiobook playlists!!! This is big! Little kids books can be short – like 3-5 minutes – and I don’t want to constantly be facilitating the next book. With Pinna my littles and I can create a list of their favorites and one will play and then autoplay into the next. It’s brilliant! Pinna is subscription based, you don’t pay for each book, and this link will give you $5 off after your free 30 day trial. Seriously, give Pinna a try … I’m pretty positive you’ll love it.

Daisy Girl … Friend Doll

Oh sweet Daisy, you are just darling! Bunnies By the Bay has forever been an heirloom quality shop and I especially adore their sweet doll line. Perfectly soft for little hands, Daisy and her friends make a great gift for little ones.

Did you miss the mom’s gift guide? Here it is!

And coming up next is a gift guide for big kids! You’re going to love it!

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